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Materials We Use

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A legacy in quality and workmanship
Rugs carrying the Mafi Signature are created to be the heirlooms of tomorrow while meeting the timeless living of today’s lifestyle. Each rug is handpicked to ensure excellence in design, yarn quality, dye selection and knotting technique.

The mission behind Mafi Signature
To give the traditional art of rug weaving a modern approach. To present the artistic value of a rug, while appreciating the legacy of the artisans from around the world.

We believe that using the proper material is an important part of the rug weaving process. Below is an overview of different materials that our artisans use to create your woven treasure, their characteristics and a general recommendation for their appropriate application.


Tibetan Wool


Himalayan Wool: Also known as Tibetan wool is produced from “Changphel” a high land sheep that graze over 14,000 feet raised by the nomads in high elevations where the temperature can be noticeably cold. These conditions help the sheep to develop long fleece, tensile strength with high level of Lanolin content which contributes to its claim of most durable, softness luxurious and maintenance friendly wool in the market today. Mafi International custom rugs are hand made by Nepalese rug artisans using Tibetan wool or silk blend.

Recommended use:        High traffic areas — highest durability, low shedding

New Zealand Wool


New Zealand Wool: is a wool from merino sheep raised in Australia and New Zealand. This wool has excellent quality, it is finely crimped and soft in pure white color. New Zealand wool is durable, soft and color fast and l can also be blended with Tibetan wool, silk and other materials to presents different visual characteristic.

 Recommended use:       High traffic areas — highest durability, low shedding



Silk: we use is the highest quality from Southern Asia. Mafi International uses 140NM/2 quality silk which is from the soft silkworm (Bombyx mori) variety that is acquired directly from the silk cocoon farmers and processed by our artisans.  Our 100% silk rugs are indulgent and luxurious to the touch and present a unique visual appeal.  Our artisans use silk either in its pure form or blended with wool to create various texture and feel. 

Recommended use:        Low traffic areas— high durability, low shedding

Hypo-Allergenic Fiber


Hypo-Allergenic Fiber: This fiber is a perfect solution for consumers with wool allergies and is a blend of cellulose xanthate to create a viscose/rayon yarn made from regenerated wood cellulose, Viscose is not silk but when woven into yarn, it looks and feels similar to silk however with a brighter luster.

Recommended use:        Medium traffic areas — good durability, low shedding



Hemp: is a natural plant which grows in the hills of Nepal, Hemp is the strongest fiber and 90% water resistant. Hemp rugs are very durable however somewhat rough to the touch. Its texture is a unique characteristic and is great for high traffic area. Hemp is widely used in natural colors with a vintage colors effect. Mafi International uses Hemp fibers in combination with wool, silk and other fibers to create a casual and aged appeal.

Recommended use:        High traffic areas — high durability, high shedding



Linen: is one of the most popular natural fiber a natural from the flax. Linen rugs are cool to touch, lint free and very durable. Linen rugs have a high natural luster are recommended request in hot weather climate. We only use linen only based on customer.

Recommended use:        Medium traffic areas — high durability, low shedding 



Nettle: Also known as Aloo is a natural fiber from a nettle plant. It grows wildly on the high mountains of Nepal, Nettle is an all-rounder plant which is never wasted from leaves to the root. Root of nettle is used as a diabetic medicines, steams are used for fibers and leaves are used as a tea or vegetable curry. Stinging hairs of nettle plant contain formic acid, serotonin and histamine which makes the nettle plant natural anti pest property hence the nettle rugs are widely used without dyeing and does not require any treatments.

Recommended use:        Medium traffic areas — high durability, high shedding

Banana and Bamboo fiber


Banana and Bamboo Fiber: is a natural fiber from banana and bamboo plants. Our banana and bamboo fibers comes from the Planes of Nepal which is cultivated mainly for the fibers since 1999. The handmade fibers present great durability comparing to the machine made banana fibers. Banana and bamboo fiber have a silk like sheen that are widely known as banana silk, however they have a casual characteristic. This fiber requires a careful maintenance and is not recommended for high traffic areas.

Recommended use:        Low traffic areas — good durability, medium shedding 


When you own a rug sealed with the Mafi Signature, the beauty and quality of the finished piece is evident in every strand of yarn, drop of dye and individual knot.


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