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Mafi Signature 16 and our Industry Exlusive Masala Wash

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Mafi SignatureA legacy in quality and workmanship
Rugs carrying the Mafi Signature are created to be the heirlooms of tomorrow while meeting the timeless living of today’s lifestyle. Each rug is handpicked to ensure excellence in design, yarn quality, dye selection and knotting technique.

The mission behind Mafi Signature
To give the traditional art of rug weaving a modern approach. To present the artistic value of a rug, while appreciating the legacy of the its artisans from around the world.

“When you own a rug sealed with the Mafi Signature, the beauty and quality of the finished piece is evident in every strand of yarn, drop of dye and individual knot.


Industry Exclusive Masala Wash

In addition to being hand knotted of the finest Himalayan wools and natural silks, our meticulous care carries over into the conditioning process with our industry exclusive Masala Wash.

The unique feel and soft textures of the Mafi Signature 16 collection is now mainly attributed to the wild herbs growing in the exotic regions in the Far East. Our Masala wash is a complex blend of some of these plants, such as lavender, aloe vera and aloo.

AAloo​loo is a wild plant growing in elevations of 5,500-8,500 feet that, until recently, was known only as a wild plant used by people living in the mountains. In fact, it is the ultimate survival plant. In rural Nepal, the leaves from this plant provide food for both people and livestock. Both the leaves and roots are used for medicinal purposes to relieve headaches and fevers, as well as ease the maladies of malaria. Aloo extract has been used through Himalayan tribes in textile and fabrics for its unique qualities. Its fiber is extracted from the wild-growing Himalayan stinging nettle plant and is used as an alternative to worm silk. Also, the resin extract of the plant is used as part of the Masala wash to protect against moth damage

According to folk wisdom, lavender has many uses. Lavender oil soothes headaches, and in pillows, lavender seeds and flowers aid sleep and relaxation. Not only does the use of lavender provide a mild and pleasant scent, but it also acts as a pet repellant deterring them from relieving themselves on the rug.

Numerous scientific researchers have been published on the effects of aloe vera. The three main categories of research include the anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial and anti-viral actions of aloe vera. In the Marsala Wash, aloe vera is the key ingredient to provide a softer texture, as well as a controlling agent to keep the bacterial growth and shedding to a minimum.

“Rug weaving is a melody of artistic skills and craftsmanship passed through the generations. One can fully appreciate a rug when one admires the heart of the artisans behind it.

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