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What's Hot? Trend Talk with Cyrus Mafi

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What's Hot? Trend Talk with Cyrus Mafi

This is an exciting season for us at Mafi International! We are rolling out our  2015 Mineral Collection, designed by our fabulous team at Mafi International. Last week Cyrus and I broke bread and shared a glass of bubbly, and I was able to catch up with our globe trotting visionary before setting off for our High Point Market debut . I decided to turn our happy hour fun into a Q&A and share it with our design community. 


Q. Cyrus, where did you find inspiration for the 2015 Mineral Collection? 

A. The purest form of inspiration "Nature", where organic shapes and subtle geometric patterns can saturate one's sense. From salt mines to modern architecture, nature never lets you down.

Q. The colors for the Mineral Collection  are very harmonious. Where did the color palette come from?

A. The colors  are inspired by minerals, from brilliant amethyst to sleek slate. When a fashion collection is introduced each season, the colors are chosen in advance and the collection is designed for an effortless ensemble. The Mineral collection bears the idea that each rug works on its own and can also work together to create a harmonious design within the home.

Q. Talking about colors and fashion,  which rug trends are popular this season at Mafi International?

A. We are increasingly becoming environmentally aware that subconsciously takes us back to NATURE. Organic fibers are still leading the trend. Wool mixed with bamboo, hemp and banana fiber or silk are hotter than ever. The light reflection that happens with the wool and silk juxtaposition is magical!

Q. Cyrus, you have made some impactful moves in the world of design. Can you share any exciting news?

A. Earlier this year, we launched a new showroom, Hampton Home Furnishings, in Nashville. We also expanded the rug showroom and our partnership with Bassett and Selden's Home Furnishings in Tacoma, and are excited to roll out the Signature 16 Collection at High point Market. This is a unique collection of Modern and Transitional designs and we cannot wait to share it with the design world.


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