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The color silver

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What is the difference between silver and gray?

From silver bells to a silver-haired beauty to a silver tongued devil, the color silver is often associated with beauty, opulence, and a sense of sly whit. Adding the metallic color into your decor though can brighten up your home, bring positive energy and remove the negativity. It can make your space feel more modern and sophisticated as well.

This simple yet bold color can be an accent color or added as the main statement piece to your home decor. It pairs well with many different shades of color and can be used as a grounding neutral tone throughout your home.

Not all silver tones are the same though. Silver tones can range from warm to cool and from light to dark. As with any colors, choose your warm and cool tones carefully to create a sense of balance in your room.

What is the difference between silver and gray?

To most, silver and grey are very similar, and rightfully so as they both share a similar tone. There is one key difference, however, and that is the metallic nature of silver. Grey is a flat color and silver often has a reflective property to it. To simplify it, grey is a mixture of black and white, and silver is a mixture of black and white with a pearly or metallic tint to it. Both colors can come in many different shades from light to dark and warm to cool as noted above.

Are you ready to incorporate silver into your home? Here are some color combinations we are loving this year.

Various Silvery Tones

Try pairing several tones and textures of silver together for an interesting neutral look. A patterned rug (like this one from the Mafi Signature 16 Modern collection), with silver undertones pairs nicely with silver lamps, throw pillows and decorative elements with a variety of textures without overwhelming your space with one color.

Design 02-MD 45 from the Mafi Signature 16 Modern Collection

Silver + Shades of Blue

Silver with shades of blue ranging from dark to light can create a calming atmosphere with an opulent twist. A silver rug (like this one from the Mafi Signature 16 3rd and Wall collection) paired with dark blue and light blue throw pillows, dark and light blue decorative elements and a silver textured lamp will make your space look pulled together with sophistication and ease.

Mafi Signature 16 | 3rd and Wall | UBUR-131: Grey/Blue

Silver + Pops of Color

We love pairing silver with bright pop of color for a playful twist on elegance. Colors such as coral, bright greens, and purples can add a youthful vibe to any room. Balance the room with a silver based rug (like this one from the Mafi Signature 16 3rd and Wall collection) with a fun pattern. Bring in pops of color in your throw pillows or throw blanket, quirky accents, and modern furniture with sleek lines.

Mafi Signature 16 | 3rd and Wall | UJAR-142B: Silver area rug

No matter what tone of silver you use or how you incorporate it into your space, you can always customize your look with our Mafi Signature 16 rugs! Start designing here.