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Fall Fashion from the Ground Up

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Fall Fashion from the Ground Up

For this Season We'll Focus on Using Orange in Rugs

Autumn is known to be the queen of seasons. Colorful, majestic yet warm and inviting.

As autumn nears in the Northwest, the interior design trends will begin to reflect that.

When it comes to, we're seeing a variety of earthy tones in fall 2019. In particular, shades of orange and muted reds are quickly becoming a trend in interior design, especially in custom and designer rugs. Wondering how exactly this vibrant trend can fit into your space? You'd be surprised to find out that there are plenty of attractive ways to include fall colors from the ground up!

Orange Rugs Can Match Almost Any Color

While most of us picture orange next to other bold, fiery tones such as reds and yellows, the truth is that orange can be easily matched to almost any color. Orange is a color that comes in a plentiful variety of shades, and when you're designing your own custom rugs, you can choose whichever shade of orange best matches the space your rug will lay in.

Choosing the Right Shade of Orange

If you're choosing an orange accent in a rug to place in a neutral space, you can be bold yet intentional. You may be looking for a rug that will act as a focal point in the room, then it's usually best to choose a rug with bright, bold orange hues. This example from the Mafi Signature rug collection is a great example of a bold orange rug that instantly draws attention to the center of the room.

The same can be said if you're adding the rug to a room that already features highly pigmented colors such as emerald green, royal blue or violet. Depending on the colors your space already features and the level of contrast you're looking to add to the room, the Regal New Day rug may be an ideal choice.

Regal New Day

Accent Any Room in Your Home With an Orange Rug

You can complement any room including dining room, Livingroom, family room or even and outdoor and patio spaces, especially those rooms accented with dark woods such as cherry or mahogany, with muted oranges and rust tones. Rugs such as this Stickley Monroy Mist and the Allure Lana fit beautifully into contemporary design with wooden furniture, while the Allure Out Side rug makes a great addition to any outdoor space.

In the bedroom or home office, a rug such as the Barclay Butera Maze provides a semi-neutral palette that allows you to add more colors and additional focal points to the room, while the  Dynasty incorporates reds, oranges and neutral tones that come together to create a bold, vibrant pattern that will instantly draw the eye.

Find the Perfect Orange Rug for Your Space

In partnership with Selden’s Designer furniture, Mafi Rugs carry’s a vast selection of designer rugs. and our Design Center gives you the opportunity to find the right shades of orange to create a rug that complements any home or design project perfectly.

Your home is always a growing expression of how you want to live. Our designers will help you create a plan within your budget for each new season.

Stop by either Bellevue or Tacoma area rug Gallery inside Seldens show room to view our wide selection or create a design you love online.