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Decorating your she shed

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She shed with Mafi International rug

She sheds are one of the hottest and most stylish trends to hit the garden market in quite some time. These cozy cottage-esque escapes are equivalent to a man cave, but much more whimsical in nature taking on classical and modern design in such a tiny space. What matters most when designing a she shed is the details. From exposed wood beams, lighting, furniture, and even your choice of rug, every aspect of the she shed needs to be carefully and thoughtfully planned out.

The first step in decorating your she shed is to give it some personality. Here are some examples by House Beautiful. Are you going for a French country cottage theme, a coastal or nautical look? Are you a modernist or minimalist? Do you prefer vintage or eclectic, or something bright and fun? Create a Pinterest board of ideas and look for patterns in the designs you chose to help you narrow down how your she shed should look.

When you have an idea of how to style your she shed, focus on the colors you want to introduce to the space (here is a color suggestion from local favorite Leatrice Eiseman). You don’t have to stick with white, although a crisp white wall with carefully placed decor can make a space magical as well. Try using greys and blues instead if you are not a fan of the white walls. These colors can make a small space feel larger. In general, a neutral color will work best in your small she shed. Use more saturated colors for pops of color in additional decor like your rugs, artwork, trinkets, and fabrics.

Next, consider the placement of your furniture. In such a small space, design and function are both equally important. Choose pieces that fit within your theme but can be used in various ways. A couch turns into a bed, a desk doubles as a table, and so on. When choosing additional decor, focus on scale. You want your decor to accent, not overpower the space. For inspiration be sure to check out our friends at Seldens Designer Home Furnishings.

She shed roomshot with Mafi International rug

Start from the ground up with a Mafi area rug. The right rug can turn your space into a cozy hideaway and pull the whole look together. Depending on your theme and design of your she shed, focus on the aesthetics. Will it need to withstand elements such as exposure to sunlight for hours each day or extreme heat and cold? Does it need to be a soft texture to provide some warmth and padding to your floor or do you need a certain color combination? Have fun with the shape, colors, and patterns.

Do you need inspiration? Consider designing your own rug with our Mafi Signature 16 rug design center.